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Jan Zalud is a contemporary wood carver specializing in  Wooden Automata,  Puppets and other Wooden Craft
 Read about me in Crafts Magazine Nov. 87

Here I am in my studio in London.  I split my time between work on Automata, Puppets and carved non-moving figures and teaching.  My work is exhibited nationally and internationally. 


Currently my work is exhibited in FLOW (Needham Rd London W11)



If you would like to learn more come to my Wood carving evening classes in RICHMOND ADULT COMMUNITY COLLEGE:

Throughout the years I have been working in close contact with the Craft Council 

I spent a happy 5 years in Little Angel Theatre where I carved puppets and scenery for number of shows, including  Jonah and the Whale, The Elves and the Shoemaker and Noah's Ark.

And apart from the carving I am an ardent supporter of Sunderland so if you'd like you can chat to me about football too, I will be delighted.


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