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Jan Zalud

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Jan Zalud is a contemporary wood carver specializing in  Wooden Automata,  Puppets and other Wooden Craft
 Read about me in Crafts Magazine Nov. 87

Here I am in the Little Angel Theatre's ,  London workshop.  

As well as the work for Little Angle Theatre, I  have also made puppets and scenery for productions in Young Vic,  RSC , Theatre de Complicite, Theatre Rites,  and Treasure Trove Puppet Company

I split my time between work on Automata, Puppets and carved non-moving figures and teaching.  My work is exhibited nationally and internationally. 


If you would like to learn more come to my Wood carving evening classes in RICHMOND ADULT COMMUNITY COLLEGE:

Throughout the years I have been working in close contact with the Craft Council 



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