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Wood Carving

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distressed and stained bowl.jpg (133029 bytes) walnut bowl.jpg (93817 bytes) small mahogany bowl with legs.jpg (109050 bytes)
Stained and distressed bowl
Bowl Walnut bowl Bowl with legs
acorn memorial.jpg (33128 bytes) 4. brain children - after H.D.Cantlie 2003.jpg (169323 bytes) 6. acanthus leaf .jpg (150833 bytes) 4. memorial inscription.jpg (212613 bytes)
Memorial Acorn Brain Children
after H. D. Cantlie
Acanthus leaf  Memorial Inscription
1. memorial Hand (after Cocteau) 2003.jpg (105705 bytes) Door Handle.jpg (23916 bytes) Crib with Initials.jpg (18584 bytes) bookmarks.jpg (249791 bytes)
Memorial Hand
after  Jean Cocteau
Door Handle
commissioned for an Australian restaurant
Crib with Initials